Entered in 2007, on the other day under a heavy snow. Like the other day also Yangchun warmest March on more than 2:00, cold weather, the air is filled with lead-colored clouds. On people wake up from sleep when the cold wind up on the peg. But soon enough, the wind stopped, it began to snow. This is the first winter snow. 
From a distance, the snow like small Eun-joo, like drizzle point, such as willow flowers, one after another for us to hang spondee the roof snow white curtain, the rise of the snow through the curtain looked sparse, and that high-rise buildings nearby, faint about about, like clouds, the clouds like in years, is particularly good-looking. Occasionally heard “creak” A snow pressure to cut off the branches. 
To the school. Dense snow, dancing all over the place, and pretty soon the entire campus into a silver on the world, the ground turned into a carpet, wearing a white sub-trees, from building with white hat, a cotton covered with houses, that Tong branches full of the “pear” tree branches covered with a “snowball” and “silver ball”, from afar, Qiong Yu-shu-chi, powder, full of poetic. 
More than the United States and the small snowflakes ah! Began mid-yo, but also small and thick and soft and light, like that noble white swan gently shake the wings, small patches of feathers, down you long Durian; then the small size of the snowflakes , thicken, and become numerous, as one of hard rock heaven Qionghua Yushu, the white petals have no time to fly down; Then, under the snow the more the bigger, small snowflakes in the air you pull, I pull, you cling to I you, one round, one everywhere, as if countless tear to pieces of the cotton ball rolling down from the sky, At that time, the whole world has become vast and beautiful. 
Groups of children on the lawn snowmen, snowball fights, snowball throwing objects. Almost joyful shout that the snow on the branches of small to 
Snow Grains for many small, as the same as white sugar. They wave in the air, and landed not in a hurry, it seems as if reluctant to leave the sky, and some quietly jumped into the collar of pedestrians, the quietly disappeared. Then, a small piece of snow as light as smoke, such as clean as jade, silver, like white, Durian have triumphantly. Just come down from heaven to kiss the earth … …